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  • says:


    Hi, I also make fireshows and wanted ever know how to make sparkler pois. Do you buy them or build them on your own? videos and photos ;) keep it up!

    • admin says:

      Hi, Actually we prefer to using pyrotechnics – its more safe and controllable. Sparklers: You can do 2 types ( which we know ), each type is very very dangerous. So we are not sharing this information how to do it. But you can find it at few fire phorums ( keep searching ). Sorry we can`t share this information – we don`t want to take responsibility if you or anybody take any injury.

  • murari sharma says:


    am murari sharma from india and i show your sparkel thing with fire—its great
    i also do make fire perfomens hear and i relly like to shear some thing about sparkil fire–i am little good with this if you like we can shear some things.

  • jonas says:


    hi mi name is jonathan i do it a fire show but , i see a material whith do it fire no is gasoline whath u used?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jonathan. Gasoline is very dangerous and forbidden for fire twirling! Use only 3rd class of fuel like – Lamp oil,kerosene or paraffin oil and similar fuels – or some special very expensive fuels.

  • Kaja says:


    I’m a french firefans performer! I find her work very beautifull!
    If you want to see my work :

  • Child of Flowers says:

    Sun Flower Festival

    Dear fire-juggling freaks

    Before all of you set off for the European Juggle Convention there is a nice stopover you can visit on your way there:

    For the summer 2008 we are organising a combination of juggling convention, music festival and fire art performance in the beautiful city of Dresden – the Burning Bizarre Convention.

    Since we have so many ideas we decided to present to you, as a kind of teaser, a pre-show at the SUN FLOWER FESTIVAL (from 27 to 29 July 2007) in Freiberg. Fire artists and jugglers create a dance of flames and moves and will delight you with a choreography of fire artistic, juggling and action art (burning and moving fire sculptures).

    You are all cordially invited to come to Freiberg! With an extra juggling space and a juggling tent the Sun Flower Festival will offer you workshops and give you the possibility to show your talent on an open stage. In addition there will be five other stages with varied entertainment such as music and smaller-scale performing arts. We invite you to experience a combination of convention and festival already very soon.

    Everyone who is interested to take part in the fire gala show is requested to get in touch with us in advance. At the Burning Bizarre Fire Performance in Freiberg we would like to meet artists who can also be involved in the Burning Bizarre Convention 2008 in Dresden.

    Further information is to be found at or

    By the way, there is one highlight that should not be missed: during the Burning Bizarre Fire Performance in Freiberg the project film “Tanz des Feuers” (dance of the fire) will be shown. A love triangle staged within the frame of a breath-taking fire show will put the heat on the spectators. A trailer can be viewed on our web site. Further information on the film and the production can be found at

  • gestibar says:


    nice :)

  • speedy says:

    Fire Festiwal

    i want to invite you on the Fire Festiwal that will be in North of Poland in Gdynia City :> in summer on the beach :P

  • Alexxcl says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing out information on this r

    Great design, useful info!This resourse is great!Keep it up!With the best regards!

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