Fireshow - infinitos

We are a group of proffesionals residing in Prague with field of action around whole Czech Republic and occasionaly abroad. We are not affraid of travelling.

We have been studying and improving the art of fire since 2001. Many changes has taken place since than – we were among foundation members of Tribo Fuego group, however our paths has separated.

We have been performing as Infinitos group since 2005 and our target isn’t just overpowering of our audience. It is also work and endless improvement of this art. We have performed at many commercial and non-profit shows all around Czech Republic and abroad since our emergence.

Uniquely synchronized choreography arrangements that we work on are our identification mark. Our purpouse is perfect co-ordination of people and fire, still preserving uttermost safety of our viewers.

Our personalities are friendly and with an inclination to the variety of experiments. You can visit some of our regular trainings, if you are interested. Contact us for more information