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Maori Poi

Maori Poi

The word poi comes from Maori language and it means the ball. Tribesmen from New Zaeland had been using them to extend their strenghts and flexibility of arms.

Maori women (wahine) often dance so called Maori poi – a dance with ropes made from tow ended by balls in order for their hands to stay supple for weaving. Men excercised Maori poi to stay strong, flexible and to acquire coordation they needed to fight the enemy. Nevertheless, poi is not a weapon in any case! Presently man and woman dance within the scope of different nationalities parades, or eventually to entertain turists – the dance takes place in a large coordinated group. It’s interesting that Maori-poi dance doesn’t include „behind back“ trick, it’s maybe symbolical…

Our and worldly poi dances use basic techniques of dancing and acrobatical moves and combinations supplemented by newly made up or combat sports elements

We use Poi in many flamable and non-flamable modifications (all-inflamable ropes, simple or multiple burners, non-flamable tools – light, glow, uv)

maori Poi